Frequently Asked Questions

Q:     Do I have to make my layout selections when I register?

A:     You can, but you have until 31 August to decide; so you have more time.

  Q: Do I have to attend all 3 sessions?
  A: In fairness to the hosts and other guests, yes please.
  Q: Is it OK if I leave a session early?
  A: No, again in fairness to others.
  Q: Is it hot in Arizona?
  A: Yes, but you’ll enjoy October. The average high temperature for our event dates is 82 degrees, and the average low is 53 degrees. The records are 95 and 40. And it will surely be sunny!
  Q: What time is it in Arizona?
  A: Arizona does not observe Daylight Savings Time, so in October the time in Arizona is Mountain Standard Time.